Top 10 Registry Repair Tools for 2009

A good Windows registry repair tool will clean your registry of unwanted files and dramatically boost your computer's speed and performance. Our comprehensive reviews on the latest registry repair tools will help you identify the best-rated solutions on the market. Our top picks are listed below; click on "Read More" to get full details on any registry repair tool.
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Visit Registry Easy

Registry Easy
Registry Easy offers proactive technology in an easy 3-step process. Friendly User Interface and step-by-step advice to scan on demand. Safe, reliable back-up mechanisms and rich built-in utilities. Over 3 million downloads to date. Free trial with unlimited scan. Visit Registry Easy today!

90% $34.95 FREE Scan
Visit Error Fix

Error Fix
Error Fix offers advanced registry repair with extensive high-tech tools. Scan and diagnose errors in less than 2 minutes. On-Board Utilities optimize PC for maximum speed and efficiency. Immediate increase in start-up speed, up to 70 percent. Visit Error Fix today!

88% $39.95 FREE Scan
Visit RegDefense

RegDefense provides a thorough Registry Compactor and Registry Defrag tool. It is the only registry repair program that is 64 Bit compatible. Detects and repairs Active X controls and toolbars, both sources of spyware and adware. Easy-to-use interface requiring no technical knowledge. Visit RegDefense today!

87% $29.95 FREE Scan
Visit Registry Genius

Registry Genius
Registry Genius provides all-around PC optimization. Simplified user interface with a powerful new scan engine. Create custom auto or manual scans for individual parts or entire system. Includes memory optimizer, ActiveX protection, and full back-up and restore capabilities.
Visit Registry Genius today!

84% $34.95 FREE Scan

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FREE scan from Registry Genius

Visit RegTOOL

RegTOOL boosts PC performance up to 70 percent. Extensive privacy protection and identity theft protection. Supports automatic and custom scanning as well as user-controlled clean-up. Simple interface with large, colourful icon-based navigation buttons for all features.
Visit RegTOOL today!

80% $39.99 FREE Scan
Visit RegClean

RegClean provides advanced and instant registry repair. Fully and instantaneously analyzes and repairs PC registries for maximum performance. Series of intuitive prompts available throughout repair process. Excellent for neophytes and light computer users.
Visit RegClean today!

77% $19.95 FREE Scan
Visit ErrorSWEEPER

ErrorSWEEPER offers thorough PC scan to restore optimum speed and performance. Sweeps out errors affecting runtime, start-up, scripting, registry path and more. Simple interface divided into 4 easy-to-navigate tabs. Potential increase in start-up rate up to 300 percent.
Visit ErrorSWEEPER today!

76% $19.95 FREE Scan
Visit Error Doctor

Error Doctor
Software Doctor Inc's Error Doctor has over 5 million customers. Great search feature to help find whatever particular PC issue most recently has you stymied. Slick, stylish, easy-to-navigate interface. Includes 90-day money-back guarantee. Visit Error Doctor today!

75% $19.95 FREE Scan
Visit RegSweep

RegSweep offers one-click diagnosis and repair. Performs advanced scan of entire PC system in less than 2 minutes. Provides simple, clear prompts to complete diagnostic scan. Restores PC to initial operating conditions with safe and secure technology, guaranteed.
Visit RegSweep today!

74% $29.95 FREE Scan
Visit Error Killer

Error Killer
Error Killer offers a slick Windows registry cleaner. Check all registry sections individually or at once. Find missing files, programs, and associations as well as invalid ones. Features clean, attractive and simple user interface and 60-day guarantee. Visit Error Killer today!

72% $19.95 FREE Scan

What Is My Windows Registry, anyway? (and What's This "Registry Repair"?)

What exactly is Windows Registry Repair?  Often PC users don't even know their computer has one. Learn how a Windows Registry Cleaner will clean out your Windows registry and protect you computer from harmful spyware programs, malware's presence and other unwanted programs. Learn more about Windows Registry Repair and Windows Registry Cleaner with

The Structure of Your Windows Registry (or Climbing the Windows Regis-Tree)

A Windows Registry Structure houses important data in a directory of files from file types and applications to individual user profiles such as security passwords and user account information. Find out what you need to know about your Windows Registry Structure.

What to Look for in Registry Repair Software

Selecting the right Registry Repair Software can be difficult if you do not know what Registry Fixer Software is right for your computer.  A good Registry repair software should offer features such as Automatic and/or Manual Removal, Scheduler, Defrag and/or Compress to name a few. Find out important features that should be included in your Registry Repair Software.

Caution: What You Must Know Before Starting Any Windows Registry Repair

Registry repair can be harmful to your computer. Moving, editing, or deleting just one wrong entry in a registry repair can loose important data, cause programs to fail, or your whole system to crash. Prevent registry fix perils and learn how to carry out a registry repair properly before performing a registry repair.